There Are 23 Million of Us Living In Long-Term Recovery - We Are Living Proof and Beacons of Hope

We are a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) comprised of people in recovery, our families, friends and allies. Organizationally, we are completely independent from other entities involved in the substance use system so that our allegiance to the people and families of South Jersey is never compromised by special interests of any kind. We embrace all pathways to recovery, do not benefit financially in any way from our work and exist only to improve life for people impacted by a substance use disorder. We represent a national movement  of principles and practices that have made life after addiction a reality for thousands and we fully intend to make that reality happen for the great people of Atlantic and Cape May counties. Our independence from the treatment industry, allows us to:


Celebrate all pathways to recovery equally and honestly

Ask "How Can We Help You With Your Recovery Today?" each and every day to each and every person and have the freedom to deliver without restrictions 

Focus exclusively on what individuals and their families want and need and work to make that happen - without any concern for what programs and their employees want and need

Provide effective peer recovery support services by persons trained by a CCAR Recovery Coach Academy, which has trained over 30,000 recovery coaches worldwide, by employing coaches in an organization that does not stand to gain financially from any decision that may be influenced by a coach.

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