Faces of Recovery

The New Recovery Advocacy Movement is based on the premise that shining a light on recovery, and revealing its many faces and voices, would be our strongest weapon in our fight against the stigma. Indeed, this has proven true as there appears to be a direct relationship between community friendliness towards people in recovery and the degree to which the recovery community celebrates recovery. In Pennsylvania and Connecticut the stigma is incredibly reduced due to the years that the movement has had time to manifest. In New Jersey, however, the movement is new in some areas and still unknown in others. Therefore, the stigma in New Jersey is far more dangerous but, like those that went before us, we must carry the movement into every area of New Jersey. Putting a face on recovery that does not look like the stereotype image chips away at the foundation of the stereotype, which drives the stigma. Our hats remain off for our very own Vanessa Vitolo, who disclosed her recovery status publicly - and often - as part of then-Governor Christie's campaign to create hope and Vanessa certainly did that as did Mariel Huffnagle. 

Let RECOVERY FORCE Help Your Family

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