Volunteer for the 2019 Overdose Awareness Day Committee

Volunteers are integral to our organization. For many unique reasons, finding volunteer opportunities to support this cause have been difficult. Therefore, we believe there are many people with a desire to help end the suffering families and people experience as a result of the substance use crisis we are experiencing. Recovery Force is just beginning to develop the army needed to combat this problem. WE NEED YOU. We have a useful role for people who have an hour a week to spare and we have key volunteer positions that entail a great deal of responsibility. All you need to succeed with this movement is to care about the suffering you know is going on around you. There will be orientation and on-the-job training for every position. WE NEED YOU NOW.

We need your help setting the record straight on August 31st. We need planning committee members NOW and donations to support activities NOW. Please use the comments section to advise us on anything in particular you are interested in helping with or doing. Thank you.

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