Volunteers are integral to our organization. For many unique reasons, finding volunteer opportunities to support this cause have been difficult. Therefore, we believe there are many people with a desire to help end the suffering families and people experience as a result of the substance use crisis we are experiencing. Recovery Force is just beginning to develop the army needed to combat this problem. WE NEED YOU. We have a useful role for people who have an hour a week to spare and we have key volunteer positions that entail a great deal of responsibility. All you need to succeed with this movement is to care about the suffering you know is going on around you. There will be orientation and on-the-job training for every position. WE NEED YOU NOW.

Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities that are available. If you find one of interest, complete the form below. We will not exclude anyone who wants to help. We have opportunities for everyone to be a part of this historical change. There may be a more extensive application for some positions but we currently are not requiring that up front so as to make the process easy for everyone. Once you submit your application you will be contacted to discuss your interests further. Thank you for your interest in joining the Recovery Force team. 

Volunteer Opportunities Available - Click on Title to Read Descripton

  • Receptionists

    Field incoming calls for information and assistance locating resources

  • Recovery Coaches/Specialists

    Share lived experience with people new to recovery and their families by helping to solve problems, set goals and locate resources.

  • Telephone Recovery Support Staff

    Volunteers will be trained to work 3 hour shifts calling people in the recovery community who have SIGNED UP for a weekly telephone check up to determine if any assistance is needed to resolve any issues that may have arisen. Family member volunteers will call family members who have signed up for a weekly call and people in recovery will call people seeking or in recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD).

  • Peer Group Facilitators

    Family members and people in recovery are needed to facilitate "All Recovery Groups", which are discussion-oriented groups designed to provide opportunities for venting, receiving feedback and solving problems associated with any area of addiction or recovery. ALSO, needed are people with lived experience to facilitate specialized support groups for people Re-Entering the Community from Incarceration, Siblings who Lost a Loved One to Substances, Parents of Persons Recovering with Medication and any other groups that the recovery community asks for through our surveys or otherwise.

  • Social Media Assistants and Information Technology Assistants

    These individuals will work in coordination with our Director of Social Media and Information Technology in the area of maintaining specific functions or content areas or particular venues as related to our website and technology-based recovery support services or our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You-Tube.

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