The opioid epidemic has ravaged South Jersey and we can no longer remain silenced by misplaced shame.  It is absolutely true that Atlantic County has the highest per-capita overdose death rate in the country. Not one of the over 3,000 counties in the United States has buried more than one out of every 1, 584 residents to overdose. Recovery Force is the credentialed organization by and for people affected by this epidemic and people recovering from it.  We are a big tent and exclude no one, as we embrace multiple pathways to recovery. We are a united group comprised of the diverse larger recovery community, including people from 12-step fellowships, others utilizing medically-assisted recovery, individuals subscribing to recovery yoga or perhaps a harm-reduction pathway. We are a volunteer workforce providing services free of charge to our community. Many of us are paying it forward. Others are involved in our movement so their loved-one was not lost in vain. We are joined by family members and friends of people in or seeking recovery. We also are home to the hundreds of South Jersey families that lost a loved one to this epidemic. No community has made progress in solving its problems without citizens impacted mobilizing their forces and recovering out loud.  Recovering Out Loud changes the culture of the community to one of hope, pride and acceptance. Start today by clicking the button above and  finding a way to take part in the International Overdose Awareness Day events planned for August 31,2019 


Morning Roundup: Aug. 13, 2019

How To Observe a Soberversary, According to an Expert [Bustle]How to celebrate a soberversary is deeply personal. Whether you're recognized at a meeting and receive a token to mark your sober milestone, you can also celebrate by trying something new like traveling or writing a reflective journal entry.Lewiston Cop, Convicted Felon Team Up to Help Those Struggling with Addiction [Post Register]Two men from vastly different backgrounds had one thing in common: childhood trauma. "If you take nothing else from our conversation here, please remember that a little bit of an investment in a kid can go a long way for that permanent outcome for them."The Rock Doc: 5 Revelations from the Sex-For-Pills Investigation [Tennessean]The Jackson nurse practitioner and self-proclaimed "Rock Doc" had a history of misconduct before he was hit with a federal indictment on drug trafficking charges this year. The Tennessean outlines the findings of its investigation.Fentanyl Is Killing Too Many San Franciscans. The City's Homeless Policies Can Actually Make Things Worse. [Mission Local]Thirty-nine people overdosed on fentanyl in SF in the first quarter of 2019 alone, and that number is expected to be higher by the year's end. The local DOPE project is helping mitigate the crisis, but says they are working against the city's homeless policies.A Sober Ty Dolla $ign Doesn't Care About Making Hits [VIBE]Singer and producer, Ty Dolla $ign, spoke to SPIN about creating his upcoming album—which he did sober. The master collaborator's new album features a song with Kanye West and musician serpentwithfeet.Missouri Inmates Are Overdosing on Drugs. How Are They Getting Them? [St. Louis Public Radio]More than 430 inmates overdosed in Missouri prisons since May 2017. DOC employees say that prison staff members are a part of the problem.Man Kayaking Down Ohio River for Mental Health Awareness [WSAZ]Joseph Solomon of Cincinnati began his journey down the Ohio River on August 1st in Pittsburgh. His kayaking voyage, to raise awareness about mental health, will end in Illinois by late September.Family Members of People with Mental Illness Find Support, Skills [North Carolina Health News]A free course by the National Alliance on Mental Illness is teaching families how to deal with a family member with mental illness. The Family-to-Family class has been taken by over 300,000 people in the U.S.

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