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Jared Corona Events


The importance of doing fun and enjoyable things in life after addiction can not be underscored. Many people wonder during the process of getting well how they will ever have fun again since substances were always a part of everything that was so-called "fun". People in recovery from substance use disorders will tell you they never had as much fun in their lives. However, it is a re-learning process in many cases and fun has to be created in somewhat controlled environments in the beginning to protect recovery and to sustain life after addiction in a gradual phase. Recovery Force recognizes this and Jared Corona, our first Board member, knew it first hand and it was at the top of his agenda. That is why we have Jared Corona Events and we expect and want this list to grow as you tell us what types of things you want us to make available through Recovery Force, your Recovery Community Organization (RCO)

Below you will find some of the offerings we already have available at the Recovery Force Facility in Brigantine and which are available to host somewhere in your neighborhood. A process for making these requests is in the works! 

Existing Jared Corona Events

What Would You Like Offered

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