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Peer Recovery Support Services

Recovery Force of Atlantic County, Inc. provides Peer-Based Recovery Support Services to or on behalf of the recovery community which includes those in or seeking long-term recovery from alcohol or others substance use disorders, our families - including loved-ones of those lost to this disease, friends and recover  allies, which includes prevention and treatment staff and other community stakeholders.

These services are evidence-based interventions that are provided to people and families still struggling with, in treatment for or in recovery from  a substance use disorder and, in some cases, in lieu of treatment. Further, in our effort to improve quality of life for all families impacted, the needs of those families who have lost a loved-one due to a substance use disorder will be a special focus. Please click on a service for more information, if available.

Those Still Struggling With A Substance Use Disorder

  • Warriors on the ground providing aggressive outreach 
  • Navigation services assisting placement into a pathway to recovery
  • Medication Assisted Treatment Doctors
  • Support group for families
  • Family peer coaching services

Those In Treatment for A Substance Use Disorder

Those in a Post-Treatment Status



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